Are you a fan of the genre Pop and Reggaeton music, then “Luke ATME’s” new single “Cash Checks ATM” is a perfect song to listen to.

“Cash Checks ATM” is a fun-loving, happy track that sparks motivation about making money and getting what you deserve in life. The chorus — “you got money, money that’s what I want/I wanna be richer, give me what I deserve” — can tell us exactly what he wants to convey to people from the song.

So, Do listen to this amazing song and give a thumbs up to “Luke ATME’s” incredible work. Link below:

About Luke ATME:

Naples, Italy, hometown artists started singing at 14 years old, mainly recording and uploading covers online. As he went through school, Luke ATME, was a part of a dance crew from his hometown, competing in national dance challenges. During this time he would also perform at local events, combining his singing and dancing skills for the first time. Shortly after, he went to the University of West London for music performance and graduated in 2017. The following year he released his first EP, “Loudest!”, led by single “Higher” played in the UK. Most recently in 2019, the artist has won several awards including, a Golden Award for “Song of the Year” for his Spanish single “Perdóname”, AAA4Success Award “Artist of the Year”, and the Golden Award for “Artist of the Year.”

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