Lux Beauregard - Fireworks (Guitaa Music Review)
Lux Beauregard – Fireworks (Guitaa Music Review)

Indie-pop singer-songwriter “Lux Beauregard” has recently released a new single “Fireworks”. The whole track has an inspirative nature and gives a boost of a pragmatic vibe that sounds simply incredible.

Fireworks is made with a lot of fun and a happy vibe and has all the potential of becoming a real chartbuster. The track contains Captivating, timeless-sounding, breathtaking, and pretty darn deep.

Kentucky-born Lux Beauregard started writing her own songs when she was very young and hasn’t stopped since. Lux has a self-described “complicated relationship” with her brain and emotions, but she found that she can write and sing things that she wouldn’t necessarily know how to say in conversation. Sitting at the intersection between indie pop, chamber pop, and baroque pop, she describes her music as dreamlike and cinematic and loves a huge, lush, ethereal sound.

Do listen to this incredible song “Fireworks” and also make sure to follow “Lux Beauregard over Spotify & Instagram to know more about her music and upcoming projects. Links below:

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