MAK – Inside My Head(Guitaa Music Review)
MAK – Inside My Head(Guitaa Music Review)

Starting out as an athlete who played the violin, “MAK” has recently released its latest single that delivers an amazing display of their musical mastermind and its name is “Inside My Head”.

Inside my Head is unquestionably stunning and is a gorgeous piece of music that will be on the audience’s playlist for a long time. Up next is one of my favorite tracks, “Inside My Head,” a magnificent, beautiful, and heartbreaking acoustic track.

MAK has lived most of life using music as an escape. Post a D-1 football career and amidst his ambitious journey, he decided to confront the reason head-on.

Finding power in escapism, MAK writes songs about the underbelly of the adult experience. Drawing on influences from Guns N’ Roses to Timbaland to The Weeknd, MAK has always seen the value in diverse inspiration.

 I think that the more they experiment and collaborate with their music, the more they will continue to grow and become better.  There is no doubt MAK is set to lead the progressive pop movement with his retro-futuristic style.

The EP’s first single “Inside My Head” is setting the stage for the next step in MAK’s story and journey as an artist.

Do listen to this amazing track Inside My Head. Links below:


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