Mixed-genre artist “Manu Francois” has recently released his new song “Proud” is rocking the music industry. The artist along with Producer LIPSKI is coming up with an energetic album full of exciting hits and playful melodies. The album name is “Ten Of A Kind” and is due to be released in Winter, New Zealand, 2020.

Coming to the song, Manu has combined elements of R&B, pop music, and has been arranged really well. Manu’s vocal delivery is so relaxed in the song that it works beautifully in contrast to the music of the track. Make no mistake: the arrangement of the song is surely catchy enough to give the listeners a pleasant treat.

Do listen to this cool song and give a thumbs up to “Manu Francois’s” awesome work. Song link below:


Another Track:

Love Song from 2019 ‘Dedication’:


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