Pro Football player & self-proclaimed pop/hip-hop artist “Marquette King” has released a new song for all you pop-hop music lovers out there with the release of “This Side” featuring Annabelle. The track was released in January 2020 and since then has been making quite a buzz in the music industry.

“This Side” is the second release of the artist and contains all the elements which are helping it top the charts in such a short time. The use of dynamic & classic hip hop beats, groovy melodies, catchy harmonies in the song can light up any party instantly. With perfect execution of R&B vocals and rap lyricism, Both King and Annabelle have done a tremendous job of making this song appealing and refreshing for the pop/hip-hop music lovers.

Do listen to this groovy song and give a thumbs up to “Marquette King’s” amazing work. Link Below:

About Marquette King:

Marquette King is a self-proclaimed “pop-hop” (a mixture of pop and hip-hop) artist from Phoenix, AZ. He always had a passion for making music, but it stopped when his sports career started to take off. King started his professional career as an NFL punter, playing for the Oakland Raiders and later the Denver Broncos. During time off due to injury, King has been working hard on his music again. After regularly releasing the hot track in 2019, he is starting off the new year right with the release of “This Side” and the upcoming release of “Past You.”

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