Milo Case - Pillow Talking Weather 2(Guitaa Music Review)
Milo Case – Pillow Talking Weather 2(Guitaa Music Review)

Crown Royal Ambassador and alternative Hip-Hop artist “Milo Case” is set to release his newest album “Pillow Talking Weather 2” on 20 May. The album consists of 15 tracks and acts of a reflection on Case’s Netflix and Chill habits, relationships, and drive to be the best even outside of music.

“Pillow Talking Weather 2” by the talented rapper is just magnificent to listen to. The musical brain behind the artist’s creativity is enormous and consistent. From the vocal performance to the timbre, from catchy hooks to the soundscape in each track, everything is perfectly set up for the audience. The vocal delivery of Milo contrasts perfectly with the laid back rap, and Ballad beat music throughout the tracks.

The presence of an attitude and confidence in Milo’s upcoming project will draw you more towards the artist and you’ll surely get sunk into the tracks the more you listen to those. You can find “Pillow Talking Weather 2” on the music streaming site SoundCloud. Also, follow him on Instagram for all the latest updates. Links Below.

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