From Out West, Chicago, Rapper “Misfit” has recently released his latest single “Double Down.” The song is a perfect example for a rapper who wants to express his thoughts to the whole world and Misfit has done exactly the same.

The music video of the song has an upbeat southern bass-heavy sound and tells the story of moving on from one story of accomplishments to the next. The song highlights his determination to follow his dreams. The pleasantly smooth yet hard-hitting music of the track has shown the incredible artistry of the musician.

The passionate performance of Misfit and his dynamic vocals in the song can keep anyone convicted until the very end. The multi-layered and structural intricacies of this track are pure bliss for the listeners, making everyone feel the true essence of the entire presentation. From providing the beautiful arrangement of the rap verses to delivering them with pure confidence, Misfit certainly deserves all the praise which he has been receiving till now.

Do listen to “Double Down” as it is worth exploring more than a thousand times. Song link below:

Link to the music video:

About Misfit:

Misfit has spent years advancing in school and the business/ financial world and after making several accomplishments he’s ready to focus on his passion, music. Misfit has started his music career off with a bang; this new music video is evidence that he’s not going anywhere.

“Double Down” is available now on YouTube. Follow Misfit on Instagram to stay up to date on Misfit and his upcoming releases.



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