Seattle based upcoming rapper/songwriter “Muhlatto”, has recently released his latest single, “Use Me”. The song is about those who take advantage of others’ kindness and mistake it for weakness. It fights for those that are gracious and warmhearted.

“Use me” starts with catchy modular synth beats, followed by “Muhlatto’s” ghosty layered vocals to give it a perfect buildup. The whole track is presented as a seamless mix, cloaked in reverb, cast long, bassy shadows, and groovy beats with Muhlatto’s energetic vocals adding an outstanding feel to it. The song’s animated & pounding music creates the sensation that this track could be performed on any street in the world.

Muhlatto is already getting a lot of appreciation around the world and has all the potential to become one of the best rappers via his strong talents as well as his likeable, good guy personality.

“Use Me” is available now on Apple Music and all other major platforms. Follow Muhlatto on Instagram to stay up to date on future releases. The music video is also available now on YouTube. Song Link below:

Link to the single:

Link to the music video:

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