If you ever need to listen Energetic and powerful song that’ll really help you to remove away all your stress, then you should check out this beautiful song entitled ‘Break Loose’.

Break Loose” is an amazing song written by the “Nu Covenant” Singing group comprising of three talented brothers and a cousin who seeks out the good in the world and who wants to help create a movement that will impact generations by showing the true power of love and emotions!

“Break Loose” is a Gospel genre-based song and is one of the most mellifluous songs I’ve heard till now. The vocals & lyrics both are outstanding. The song’s chorus from the starting to the end inspires people to break loose from every bad suffering and embrace the power and love of the grace and enjoy & live life with happiness.

So do listen to this euphonious song and give a thumbs up to Nu Covenant singing group. Song link below:



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