Odd-Arne Jacobsen - Angel Eyes (Guitaa Music Review)
Odd-Arne Jacobsen – Angel Eyes (Guitaa Music Review)

Extremely talented Guitarist “Odd-Arne Jacobsen” has recently released a new EP called “Angle Eyes” This EP is performed in a truly unique way and gives fans a very good feeling.

This is an EP with two improvised versions of Angel Eyes. It’s recorded in one take at Odd-Arne Jacobsen´s music room. It´s recorded by Andrè Myhren and mixed by Emil Bekkevold.

Virtuoso jazz guitarist Odd-Arne Jacobsen continues his enchanting combinations of solo acoustic music, in his latest EP, “Angel Eyes”. On this recording, Jacobsen has taken a classic composition of Angel Eyes in its own right and recreated it with his own personal harmonic and rhythmic modifications.

As a musician and guitarist, the virtuoso player exercises his endless curiosity and sensibility. Odd-Arne Jacobsen has proved himself to be quite the guitarist: yes, his technique has always been excellent but what’s more noteworthy is his capacity for instrumental songwriting that keeps the audience engaged throughout the entire journey of the record.

Do listen to this amazing instrumental track “Angel Eyes” and give a thumbs up to Odd-Arne Jacobsen’s” incredible work. Links below:

Song Url : https://open.spotify.com/album/6zqzlheqkgJdJXCXr9yWtr?si=SZNytEe0TAS12uuf-o8lVQ&utm_source=copy-link&nd=1


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