Pariz Noir has just released a new song for R&B lovers on February 4th, 2020 and the song name is “Las Olas”. The song is hypnotizing and exhilarating and is a banger that can be considered as both erotic and hard-hitting.

You will love the melody, the hook, harmonies, the lyrics, etc. everything about the song that can boost your mood instantly.

So do listen to this sensual song and give a thumbs up to Pariz Noir’s amazing work.

Link to the single:

About Pariz Noir:
Pariz Noir has just dropped the hit R&B song, “Las Olas.” The highly anticipated music video will follow shortly after the single’s release.

“Las Olas” is a sultry R&B track sure to turn some heads in the industry. It’s clear from the latest release that the Miami-based artist is on the rise.

“Las Olas” is available now on Soundcloud and all other major platforms. Visit the official website for the release of the “Las Olas” music video and to keep up with all the latest music from Pariz Noir.

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