The upcoming pop artist “Party Pants” has released his first-ever single “Party Pants” on all major streaming platforms on 27th March.

The impressive pop singer has showcased his absolute class in his pop genre-based song “Party Pants”. The track effortlessly catches one of the hottest trends in current pop music and is indeed a very catchy pop song. It kicks off with simple piano music backed by what sounds like a giant ticking clock. Soon Party Pant’s unadorned voice kicks in which sounds smooth as silk. There is nowhere to hide in the arrangement, and he delivers the goods on the track.

The singer has shown his mastermind on how to grab on to a trend and make it his own. The track is being clearly loved by many and has all the potential to hit the top of the charts soon. Do make sure to listen to this catchy pop song and give a thumbs up to Party Pants incredible work.

Song’s video link below:

About Party Pants:

Party Pants is a musical innovator and some may say “ahead of his time.” His newest project is an upbeat song sure to catch anyone’s attention.

“Party Pants” is available on all major platforms. Follow Party Pants on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated on all new updates and releases.




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