Rosegang - 12 over 6 (Guitaa Music Review)
Rosegang – 12 over 6 (Guitaa Music Review)

Tauranga, New Zealand-based multi-talented artist “Rosegang” has recently released his latest single “12 over 6”. The song is based upon the struggles and challenges everyone faces in life. In the song, the lyrics share his story and his background.

Rosegang grew up in church learning and playing music so it’s been in his family. Rosegang expresses himself through his songs, his style is unique, and his passion and work ethic make him stand out.

Coming to the music of the track, 12 over 6 is an enticing song where listeners will be able to connect with the artist’s beautiful approach very easily. The song beautifully captures every aspect of its purpose in an encapsulated and melodic enriched aura.

Do listen to the track “12 over 6” and make sure to give thumbs up to “Rosegang’s” incredible work. Also, follow him on Instagram to know more about his upcoming releases. Links below:

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