Samantha Margret – Mine(Guitaa Music Review)

Multi-talented artist Samantha Margret has released an exquisite Electro/Pop song with a deep and energetic vibe, and its name is Mine. She is an indie-pop artist who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Raised on an eclectic mix of country lullabies, folk songs, and radio pop, Samantha’s music seeks creativity, originality, and sometimes even a good giggle. Her soulful ballads convey the power of the female voice, and tell stories about mental health and acceptance; her uptempo pop songs are not afraid of a good time.

Samantha Margret began her music career playing the piano as her main instrument. She writes music for the girl who wants to own her history, her body, and her feelings. She likes big jewelry and every kind of fruit she’s ever tasted, and she’s a conscientious journaler. 

This song is not only a reminder to the band themselves but also to fans that music is a goto outlet when they feel lost and alone and that is highly present within this new song. The song gets straight to the point with its shredding guitar riffs and fast-paced percussion-soaked background beats making for a vicious in-your-face rock’s roll song. Coming to the music of the track Mine, It has a unique sound that fuses a unique blend of alt-rock, Indie/Pop-rock music and gives a strong boost of energy to the listeners. 

Do listen to this amazing track Mine. Links below:


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