Samuel Brooks – Hideaway(Guitaa Music Review)

London-Born artist “Samuel Brooks” has just released one of the most powerful rock songs of this year, and its name is “Hideaway”. The exceptional artist has delivered an interesting mix of sounds of Motown and Soul with a twist of Gritty Rock in the track.

“Hideaway” will haunt the audience with its energizing essence because of its passionate and catchy composition. The brilliant arrangement of the track with hard-hitting melodies creates an unsettling musical presence and sounds terrific all along. The groovy riffs of electronic guitars with the high-intensity drum beats and the energetic vocals of Samuel Brooks have uplifted the overall hardcore flavor of the song. The energy, the dynamism, and the powerful rock element in “Hideaway” have created a perfect aura for the listeners and will surely catch their attention instantly. This song has shown Samuel’s tremendous potential as a musician and he has done a fantastic job in changing the face of rock music with his impactful musical composition.

Do listen to this astounding track “Hideaway” and make sure to give a thumbs up to “Samuel Brooks” incredible work. Follow him on Instagram & Facebook to stay updated on his upcoming releases. Links below:

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