Orchestra 8(Guitaa Music Review)

Pianist & Composer “Orchestra 8” or “Alex” has released three exquisite Piano Jazz/Reggae tracks mainly “Lilt”, “Cocktail Piano Music”, and “Blues Piano Slow and relaxed”. With these tracks, Alex has presented the virtuous renditions of Jazz, Reggae, Blues music through his creative wisdom of piano skills.

My love for classic instrumental pieces on the piano has been reincarnated by “Orchestra 8” through his tracks “Lilt”, “Cocktail Piano Music”, and “Blues Piano Slow and relaxed”. The extremely talented pianist has interpreted the spirit of creative freedom of instrumental music and has presented that through the mellifluous soundscape of all the 3 tracks. The songs are arranged magnificently and are a beautiful tribute to musical evolution retaining the essence of various genres. All the songs have stirred my love for music significantly and will certainly do the same to the listeners as well.

Do listen to the captivating tracks “Lilt”, “Cocktail Piano Music”, “Blues Piano Slow and relaxed” and give a thumbs up to “Orchestra 8’s” incredible work. Links below:

Song Link: https://www.orchestra8.com/solo-piano

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0Uwvpt1RGI5xORUwUOstut


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