Sandeep Khurana & Swara Bhavana - Marhaba Persian Vibes (Guitaa Music Review)
Sandeep Khurana & Swara Bhavana – Marhaba Persian Vibes (Guitaa Music Review)

 Multi-talented singers/songwriters “Swara Bhavana & Sandeep Khurana” have recently released a truly authentic single containing extraordinary soundscape and beautiful rhythms and its name is “Marhaba Persian Vibes”.

Sandeep Khurana is a music composer/singer/producer based in California., He currently has albums in the genres of New Age Music, World Music, and Popular Music.

Swara Bhavana is a trained singer, and this is her first public release of an original song. She lives in Seattle. She sings in numerous languages and got an honor for singing a Tamil song- in a language that she doesn’t speak nor understand-in “Tribute to Ilayaraja” concert in 2016.

Coming to the music of the track Marhaba Persian Vibes, The whole arrangement of the track, from its music composition to its lyrical approach, all have got a phenomenal appeal and have got an audacious groove. This song exhibits the artist’s current sentiments with melodic moods and sounds so delightful that one can’t ignore but listen to this song on a loop.

To listen to the scintillating track Marhaba Persian Vibes, one can check out the youtube channel and can watch & enjoy the video there. Follow them on Instagram to know more about their upcoming projects. Link below:

Song url :

Instagram : Swara Bhavana & Sandeep Khurana


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