Scoopy Benz – A U D I(Guitaa Music Review)

The Europe-based artist “Scoopy Benz” has recently shared an enthralling song for his fans that showcases his dominating Rap voice and its name is “A U D I”. “A U D I” is the first track of Benz’s upcoming body of work “Drip Drip” and is produced by the multi-platinum producer Nick Luscombe.

The track “A.U.D.I” stands for Ageless, Unstoppable, Drip Drip, Indomitable and describes a ride in the life of the rapper who went from 0 to 100 fast as a Bugatti through racism, poverty, police brutality, public humiliation, and marginalization. Coming to the arrangement of the track, It offers catchy hooks and the rapper’s fluent verse delivery that is just amazing to listen to. The vocal authority through fast-paced rap and playful words and Scoopy’s aura, reliance, and sturdy tone everything works in sync to give the track its deserved stature. The track is inspired by the rapper’s life experiences and he has indeed done a fabulous job in it that is going to stay in the listener’s mind for a very long time.

Do listen to the track “A U D I” and give a thumbs up to Scoopy Benz’s incredible work. Also follow him on Instagram to know more about his upcoming projects.

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