SESPOOL – Before The Fog Covers Me(Guitaa Music Review)

Bay area-based Indie Musician “SESPOOL”(real name Sean E) has released an incredible rock track with sick beats and thoughtful verses and its name is “Before The Fog Covers Me”. The track is a part of SESPOOL’s second album “Before The Fog Covers Me” and the whole album consists of elements of progressive rock, trap, and metal, all with a smooth gloss of dreamy ethereal pop.

“Before The Fog Covers Me” is a mix of creative rock elements with Indie music vibes that creates a sonic experience for the listeners. The track has made a huge impact on my mind from the beginning because of its hypnotic intro and energetic guitar riffs. This style of music is mindful and unique and can easily make a huge impact on the music industry unlocking a new phase in this era of Indie music. The fabulous melange of rock music and catchy riffs with SESPOOL’s strong vocal presence grows stronger with the track. Sean E has indeed done an outstanding work behind this song and has shown his incredible potential of becoming a top-notch musician in the future.

Do listen to the track “Before The Fog Covers Me” and make sure to follow “SESPOOL” on Instagram to know more about his upcoming releases. Links below:

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