Shadows And Veils – Welcome To My Funeral(Guitaa Music Review)

Birmingham, UK based Hard-Rock band “Shadows and Veils”, has blessed its fans with the release of an electrifying song, and its name is “Welcome To My Funeral”. The song has grabbed over 140,000 views on Facebook till now and is trending in third place in the MTV USA TOP 100.

“Shadows and Veils” really got their foot in the industry with retro-flavored hard rock music in their new song “Welcome to my funeral” that has easily become a chant with the rock lovers. The song starts with a bassline following with a retro hard rock guitar patch sound which provides a great start to the song. The beats are exciting and so does the catchy bassline and scintillating guitar riffs. The listener gets to indulge in a heavy guitar riffed ambiance filled with energetic drum beats that remain guided with an equally impactful voice. This song has clearly shown the band’s immense musicality with its profound songwriting skills.

So, do listen “Welcome to my funeral” and give a thumbs up to “Shadows and Veils” incredible work. Listen to their songs on Spotify and Apple Music, and follow them on social media platforms to know about their upcoming releases. Links below:


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