The rising hip hop talent “SHAMAR” has released his newest song “THE LINE”. Through this song, SHAMAR has outlined the issue of racism and the people who are suffering from it and has made his motive felt with a greater impact.

“THE LINE” has the excellent ingredients of the Hip-Hop genre with modern-day rap verses, elegant sound design, and topped all of this with a splendid vocal performance, which has cast a significant impact on the audience. Racism has no place in the society and SHAMAR has depicted that outstanding through his latest song. The lyrical wordplay with energetic vocal delivery is the main highlight of the song. The track has hit the core of the thoughtful approach behind it, along with inspiring musical magnificence, something that will make the audience fall in love with the artist’s splendid work. Considered as the future of the particular genre, SHAMAR has stayed true to his ethics and has all the potential to slew the audience with his songs.

You can listen to “THE LINE” on YouTube, and make sure to follow him on Instagram for his upcoming releases. Links below:



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