Sharik Khan – Bas Ek Baar Tumko Cover Song(Guitaa Music Review)

Latest cover of “Bas Ek Baar Tumko” by Jaipur-based artist Sharik Khan is the epitome of feel-good musicality with soulful music. The song imparts a catchy melodic charm and features a unique resonating cadence.

This cover song of “Bas Ek Baar Tumko” by Sharik will increase your thirst to listen to it on loop and will encapsulate your mind with its rejuvenating vibe. The song’s appealing arrangement with harmonica sounds lying on top of the beautiful arrangement of synth music is quite amazing. Also, the assistance of Sharik’s compelling vocal prowess will make listeners dive deep in thoughts with a lingering fascination. Overall, the work on ‘Bas Ek Baar Tumko’ by Sharik with the thoughtful approach in presenting the cover song in respect to the original is outstanding with Sharik’s naturally spellbinding voice is a just mesmerising to listen to. The cover song is released and produced under the label of Zibara music and is a cover of the original song sung beautifully by Soham Naik & composed by Anurag Saika.

Do listen to this beautiful cover song and give a thumbs up to “Sharik’s” incredible work. Follow him on Instagram to know more about his upcoming releases. Song link below:



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