The R&B/Soul singer “Sonya Teclai” has released her first song of the year and its name is ‘Itch’. This alluring track is all about the struggle of feeling the painful lust which Sonya is facing because of her previous relationship.

The track kickstarts with some catchy synth beats followed by Sonya’s enticing vocals in which she can be heard saying “I get an itch for you, every now and then,” that dictates a clear message about the song and what she wants to convey through it. The use of melodic and soulful rhythmic sound patches, along with Sonya’s captivating and extremely pleasing voice has given this track a whole new dimension. The song will surely enthrall every listener because of its seductive lyrics and amazing music composition.

“Itch” is Produced by famous music producer Mez(formerly mentioned as King Mez), who has done writing/producing with Dr. Dre and directing J. Cole’s “Middle Child” video as well as Sir’s “Mood” video.

Do listen to this gem of a track and give a thumbs up to “Sonya’s” incredible work. “Itch” is available now on all major platforms. You can also follow Sonya on Instagram and visit her website for more information and upcoming events.

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