Why do people like rap songs? Music does play a part in it, but the thing which makes the rap songs really unique is the message behind the lyrics and singers present the storytelling through it.

One such amazing song has just been released by the rising rapper “St. Geo” entitled “Surrounded by Angels.”

“Surrounded By Angels” takes listeners in a captivating atmosphere that would make them bound and listen to all the storytelling lyrics. The resplendent melodic structure of the song with peaceful harmonies and a super connective opening hook is all you’ll need to become addicted to this song. The chorus “YOU are the god. YOU were destined for this. This is the moment YOU were born for. YOU cannot turn away now,” explains all the details of how St. Geo is trying to convey his emotions through this magical song.

So do listen to this appealing song and give a thumbs up to St. Geo’s amazing work.

Link to the single:

About St. Geo:

Emerging rapper St. Geo has just dropped a new single entitled “Surrounded by Angels.” The single, produced by Lord Cise, follows the successful release of St. Geo’s album “STEAM.” With his powerful music, St. Geo brings his audience elements of unity in diversity and a sense of community… even while on their own paths.

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