The Italian EDM producer “Stefano Grini” has dropped his latest EDM track “Can’t Wait” featuring “Thir13een”. The song brings the magic of comprehensive EDM drops wrapped in resounding pop vocal which is just refreshing to listen.

‘Can’t Wait’ is an amazing representation of the Italian artist’s intense prowess in digital sound production and his soothing/energetic vocals. It’s a song that shows the artist is seeking change in himself and can’t wait for those changes to happens. The song is arranged with beautiful rhythms, euphoric strings harmonies, energetic EDM drops, and Stefano’s captivating vocals. Stefano has surely created a true masterpiece that many of us can enjoy and has all the potential to hit the top of the EDM charts.

The song is pleasingly different from the kind of music that has been released lately. If you are looking for something new and refreshing, then you must check out this amazing song. Song Link below:

Lyric Video:


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