Stephanie Jeannot & John Mueller – Love is the Matter(Guitaa Music Review)

Brooklyn, NY-based singer-songwriter “Stephanie Jeannot” has shared her newest single “Love is the Matter” feat. bassist “John Mueller”. The track is the first single off of their forthcoming album, “The Stephanie Jeannot and John Mueller Project”.

“Love is the Matter” is all about sending a message to the listeners about unity and motivation. It’s a song that will make the listeners go gaga about respect and love with its thoughtful lyrics. Through this song, Stephanie has dived into multi-layered musical space with her captivating and infectious vocals and is ready to own the listener’s heart. The groovy arrangement of the song by John Mueller has uplifted the track’s aura to the next level and is exquisite to listen to. John’s groovy instrumentation paired up with Stephanie’s atmospheric vocals makes the release a must-listen. Both Stephanie and John have done a tremendous job behind the song and have shown their extraordinary musical skills which will help them become legendary artists in the music industry.

Do listen to this beautiful song “Love is the Matter” and give a thumbs up to “Stephanie Jeannot and John Mueller” incredible work. Follow them on Instagram to know more about their upcoming releases:

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