The Gama Sennin – I Kill You(Guitaa Music Review)

Multi-talented Los Angeles band “The Gama Sennin” has released their new song “I Kill You”.

“I Kill You’’ is pure energy, raw and very addictive. It’s the introduction to a journey beginning with the destruction of the ego.

The California-based band fuses alternative energy, psychedelia, expansive desert grooves, and spaced-out prog into a pulse-pounding, galvanic original sound, simultaneously capable of both transcendent power and searing emotional range.

The musicians of this self-proclaimed 21st century “psychedelic rock collective” spell rawk in capital letters. Made by seasoned veterans this track is a testament to what can be done when there are no A&R people breathing down their neck, giving unwelcome advice about what is commercial and happening right now

The lyrics are the inner monologue of a human on edge, trying to convince himself not to step over the line, while his inner voice is clearly screaming “Do it

With an elite cast of players on “I Kill You,” there is no question “The Gama Sennin” is about to turn some heads with their unmistakable West Coast sound.

Do listen to this enticing song “I Kill You”. Links below:


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