The Illennials - F.A.I.D(Guitaa Music Review)
The Illennials – F.A.I.D(Guitaa Music Review)

Colorado-based Rap Group “The Illennials” have recently shared an enthralling song for their fans that showcases a dominating Rap voice. This song samples a Mamie Smith song from 1922 and is also the first track from there debut project “Welcome back to the Roaring Twenties!”

The album is called “The Roaring Twenties” because the group is attempting to bring that era back to the forefront of American culture. The coolest thing about The Illennials is that every song on their album features a sample of a 1920’s song that they have repurposed for a new generation.

Coming to the music of the track, it offers catchy hooks and the fluent rap verse delivery is just amazing to listen to. The vocal authority through fast-paced rap and playful words and the song’s astounding aura, reliance, and sturdy tone everything works in perfect sync to give the track its deserved stature. The Illennials have indeed done a fabulous job in it that is going to stay in the listener’s mind for a very long time.

Do listen to the track “F A I D” and give a thumbs up to “The Illennials” incredible work. Make sure to follow them on Instagram to know more about their upcoming projects.

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