Tripindickulous - Insecure (Guitaa Music Review)
Tripindickulous – Insecure (Guitaa Music Review)

California-based multi-talented artist, Tripindickulous “Tripindickulous” has released a new song, and its name is “Insecure”. Besides music, Tripindickulous is super passionate about the brand itself and creating trippy fashion for everyone to rock.

I’ve listened to a lot of incredible music every day at Guitaa, but coming across a song like Insecure has given me chills and is absolutely an amazing treat for music lovers.

Insecure is about the feeling of being imperfect whenever it comes to loving someone and at times ourself/myself. But still expressing the joy from knowing that and fighting for a change of positivity.

Do listen to the astonishing track “Insecure” and make sure to give a thumbs up to Tripindickulous‘s magnificent work. Make sure to follow him on social media platforms to know more about his upcoming projects. Links below:

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