Tristan Cole - Champion Ft. Tia P(Guitaa Music Review)Tristan Cole - Champion Ft. Tia P(Guitaa Music Review)
Tristan Cole – Champion Ft. Tia P(Guitaa Music Review)

Enthusiastic Pop artist “Tristan Cole” has recently dropped a new single ‘Champion’ featuring rapper “Tia P”. The song is full of motivating vibes and is crafted in euphoric melodies of pop music.

“Champion” is relatively filled with encouraging lyrical content and dedicated to those people who have felt underrated, undervalued, or taken for granted in their life. The song truly comes to life with Tristan’s profound vocals and Tia’s energetic rap. Two notable segments of the lyrics are likely to bring smiles and nods of recognition from many listeners as Tristan Cole sings the chorus, “You are the No.1, The Champion” and Tia P’s scintillating Rap which just takes the song to the next level.

From start to finish, the whole song is arranged/produced amazingly well. The video quite aptly summarizes the message “Champion” carries that “We ALL are champions in our own right”. So, do listen to this beautiful song and give a thumbs up to Tristan & Tia’s amazing work. Song link below:

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