Kansas City MO. based multitalented singer/songwriter “Tulsa Flood” and his band Rhythm Affair have released a new song “Livens Up The Day” that portrays the pain and emotion of a lonely soul who ended up committing a heinous crime.

Tulsa Flood is the nephew of famed KC Jazz drummer Terry Hughes and has been a drummer in the Kansas City, Minneapolis and Las Vegas music scenes before becoming the front man of his current band Rhythm Affair in 2016.

Based on the true story of Brenda Spencer. The song “This Livens Up The Day” is the story of one of the first school shooting in the USA. A 1979 school shooting. Detailing one of America’s first school shootings involving children killing children. The song tells the story of a poverty stricken young girl, who was the victim of every type of abuse, that snapped and committed murder.

The arrangement of the track, from its music composition to its lyrical approach, all have a phenomenal appeal and an audacious groove.

Do listen to the incredible track “Livens Up The Day” and give a thumbs up to Tulsa Flood and his band Rhythm Affair‘s magnificent work. To follow them on social media or to know more about their upcoming releases see the links below:

Song URL : https://youtu.be/9Pgfd4HoTtw

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/rhythmaffairband/


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