Van Hechter - The Delight Ft. Chauncey Dandridge (Guitaa Music Review)
Van Hechter – The Delight Ft. Chauncey Dandridge (Guitaa Music Review)

Multi-talented pop artist singer/songwriter “Van Hechter” has released a new song “The Delight” featuring Chauncey Dandridge. I’ve listened to a lot of incredible music every day at Guitaa, but coming across a song like The Delight has given me chills and is absolutely an amazing treat for music lovers.

After successful hits like ‘I Am’ or ‘Love Elastic’, Van Hechter is back with a new ‘The Delight’ for us. It’s an invitation for all the youngsters to come and dance. The arrangement of the track, from its music composition to its lyrical approach, all have a phenomenal appeal and an audacious groove.

Van Hechter just waltzed into the Stonewall Inn in New York City 2 summers ago and he loved DJ Chauncey Dandridge right away. They became friends that night and it only felt natural to sing a duet together. Here they are now with ”The Delight” 

Do listen to this incredible song “The Delight” and also make sure to follow Van Hechte & “Chauncey Dandridge” over Spotify & Instagram to know more about their music and upcoming projects. Links below:

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