The Upcoming Mexican-American rapper “Wayz” has shared an incredible rap album “Machine”. The album consists of 11 hard-hitting tracks like ‘On God’, ‘No Choice’, ‘Play wit’ it’, and ‘Dope Hole’ that depicts depression, real stories of a person, interpersonal dilemmas and above all, optimism.

Coming to the album, If there’s one thing “Wayz” wants to express to the people through his songs, it’s about how one can push himself/herself and can come out through hard times. It depicts that we all have become machines who follows the same routine every day and are not doing anything about it.

Through his music video of the song “Machine”, he tries to shows us a more meditative dive into coping with the grief, the hard times and about our existence in such an expansive universe. All in all, The video is indeed a hard-hitting banger and is a must-watch.

Do check out the incredible video of “Machine” and make sure to give it a thumbs up as well. Link Below:

About Wayz:

Fresh, new rap artist Wayz releases his first independent album, “Machine.” The album embodies the idea that a lot of people today are like machines.

“Machine” music video is available now on all major platforms. Follow Wayz’s accomplishments on his website.

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