Weslinator – Strangers ft Emcee Sher & Izzy(Guitaa Music Review)

The founder of AFRODRUMBASS records, Rapper “Weslinator” has released a new Hip-Hop/R&b song “Strangers” ft. Emcee Sher & Izzy. The song is all about friendship and it shows that music can bring different people together to create a masterpiece that connects to souls and speak to the hearts of many.

“Strangers” is a track made with a lot of fun and a happy vibe and has all the potential of becoming a real chartbuster. The track contains captivating elements of catchy melodies & catchy beats and its video is the main highlight of the show. The creativity of the artists is incredible, as the song takes the listeners to a journey as one gets to listen to the hook of the song in English, to its rap verses in Hindi, and then again followed by the rap verses in English. This swashbuckling approach has given way for the master class performance by all the talented artists behind the track. Their precise delivery of the smart rap vocals and the cool & addictive sound beats in the track is magnificent. All the rappers including “Weslinator”, “Emcee Sher”, & “Izzy” have done an incredible job to make this track a super-hit and have also proved their versatility with this track and deserves four and a half stars.

To listen to the scintillating track “Strangers”, one can check out the AFRODRUMBASS youtube channel and can watch & enjoy the video there. Follow them on Facebook to know more about their upcoming projects. Link below:

Song Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rE3_wAbgYiU

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Afrodrumbass/

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