WGC Ft. Chillz Muzik - Chasing Big Dreams(Guitaa Music Review)
WGC Ft. Chillz Muzik – Chasing Big Dreams(Guitaa Music Review)

“WGC” or “Welwyn Garden City” has released its latest Pop/R&B song “Chasing Big Dreams” ft. rapper “Chillz Muzik”. The song is all about motivation and inspiring individuals who are chasing their dreams with enchanting lyrics and music.

Leading with impeccable musicianship, love for music-making, ‘Welwyn Garden City’ music can be seen as an Indie/Pop/Rap with all the songwriting being done by Lead singer Ross Edwards. The main purpose of WGC is to produce inspirational music and mostly collaborates with other artists to give listeners refreshing tracks.

“Chasing Big Dreams” sums up every individual’s life who is working hard to achieve their dreams and the lyrics are strikingly honest and genuine. From start to finish, The whole song is captivating and has all the elements of encouraging music. From coming up with the ambient sound vibe, uplifting chorus, to appealing lyrics, the arrangement of the track is brilliant and the amazing vocals of Chillz Muzik have made the track even more beautiful.

Do listen to this astounding track and give a thumbs up to “WGC’s” incredible work. Make sure to follow WGC on Instagram to know about their upcoming tracks. Links below.

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