Will Adams – Good News(Guitaa Music Review)

New York-based alternative folk singer-songwriter “Will Adams” has come up with a 9 song album named “Good News” that has created a lot of fan frenzy. The talented musician has belted out some vivacious tracks in the album like ‘Magic Garden’, ‘Where The Wind Will Blow’, ‘We’ve Been Conned’, ‘Bread Pudding’, ‘Longer way home’, and many more.

“Good News” highlights magnificent display of acoustic rendition tracks and has been executed beautifully by the gifted artist Will Adams. All the songs contains a melodious and soulful music which is just pleasing to listen to. From crystal clear acoustic guitar finger-picking sound, to Will’s extremely gentle and warm voice, Good News is certainly a joy for the listeners. All the songs feels like a journey and the way Will has arranged them all is outstanding. The lyrical display and the different vibes represented through each song has shown the ultimate musical skills Will possess and has all the potential to become very successful in the near future.

Do listen to this appealing album and make sure to give “Will Adams” a thumbs up for the work he has done in his recent album. “Good News” is available on major music streaming platforms like Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music, etc. You can check out his album on Youtube as well. Album link Below:




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