Are you a musicians looking for song to cover?

The songs you choose have been already covered by 100’s of other musician?

The songs you are covered are not viewed by anyone?

To answers these questions, Guitaa has come up with weekly series to find out top 8 songs  for musicians to cover. These are songs, which according to Guitaa are about the break the charts.

Here We go:

  1. Leaves chords (English)
  2. Death bed chords (English)
  3. Cold Mess chords (English)
  4. Sunday best chords (English)
  5. Agua con chia letra (English)
  6. Kangen Nickerie Chords (Indonesian)
  7. ladeando letra Chords (Indonesian)
  8. Pilu Membiru Chords (Indonesian)

Let us know in the comments, did you like the songs?



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