Today, on Guitaa Artist Centerstage, from NYC, we have the lead vocalist and founder of Pop infused Hard Rock and Alternative Metal band “Betyljoos”, and her name is Linda Dolan”.

Let’s get to know more about this incredible band, about their challenges as a band, and many more.

  • Introduce yourself to our audience, what genre of music do you consider your work to be?

The genre is influenced by rock music with the influence of the 70s, and 90s. Female vocals and musicians.

  • What and who were your early passions and influences, What inspires you to make music?

Aerosmith, Smashing Pumpkins, Led Zepplin, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Goo Goo Dolls. I’m inspired by my emotions and things happening in my life to write my music. I sometimes start on the piano, or other times I start on bass and build from there.

  • Tell us about that one memorable performance and favorite venue which you still wish to happen again?

One of my favorite performances was from when I was younger, a band I used to be in decided to play for the NYC Marathon and we set up along the route and plugged into a Deli for power. It was great. That was a long time ago though lol.

  • Any funny Story of a fuck up during your performance where you handled that situation like nothing happened.

Every once in awhile guitar strap would come undone when I was younger, and you have to somehow put it back without anyone noticing.

  • If you could collaborate with any musicians dead/alive, who would you collaborate with and why?

I don’t really know there are so many to choose from. I would like to collaborate with many different bands.

Guitaa Artists Centerstage - "Betyljoos""
Guitaa Artists Centerstage – “Betyljoos””
  • Any Tips to keep the balance between professional and music life?

I just stick to a schedule. If I have practice on Friday, then practice is always on Friday for example. This way I know what to expect and it’s easier to get things done.

  • What has been your biggest challenge as a Musician? Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how?

I guess the biggest challenge is to balance like the previous question musician life with personal life. You want to always work on your music, but you have to make sure you still go to work and do everything else.

  • What Tools and techniques you use to improve your singing/instrumental playing?

I really listen to constructive criticism and am not bothered by it. I take it in stride and sometimes it is very helpful in improving for the next song or release. Also, I listen to my track as much as I can during the recording process and make sure there is nothing there that bothers me.

  • What type of Gadgets and instruments do you use while practicing?

I have a Traben Pheonix 5 -string Bass. I have an Ibanez guitar those are my two main instruments. I am more a bass player than a guitarist but excited to play both and explore different ways to write with each instrument.

  • What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

I would say that sometimes it feels like nothing is working, but you have to remember that the people who get themselves out there never stop even when it seems like they should. I always remind myself that there is someone out there that is working harder than I am and probably has more disappointments than I have. That no matter what you just keep going forwards.

So, this was “Betyljoos”. Want to know how you can follow them online? Then, check out the link below:



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