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Today, on Guitaa Artist Centerstage, we have an amazing Band Fixed Fate, an American rock band based out of Lake George, New York. Formed in 2012 by singer/lead guitarist Jon Bessette, the band features an eclectic sound drawing influence from acoustic ballads all the way to thrash metal.

“Jon Bessette – Multi-Instrumentalist”

We have recently got in touch with Jon Bessette as he made time from his busy schedule to answer some of the most interesting queries about his music and upcoming projects. So, Let’s get to know about the talented artist, about his challenges as a musician, and many more.

  • Introduce yourself to our audience, what genre of music do you consider your work to be?

Fixed fate covers the spectrum of “Rock” music. If you throw on a song by us, you might hear something soft and acoustic driven, but there’s also a chance you get something leaning more towards heavy metal. We try not to forget about everything in between either.

  • What and who were your early passions and influences, What inspires you to make music?

I grew up listening to a lot of 80s rock; Tesla, Metallica, Skid Row, Jani Lane, Cinderella, etc. As I’ve gone on and found further influences I’ve found a lot of bands from the 70s and 90s I really like too like Aerosmith, Alice in Chains, Days of the New, Pantera, the list goes on for miles. My inspiration has always come from the idea that music is my outlet. I can sit down when I’m happy or depressed and put my thoughts to paper. Once that’s recorded it becomes a time stamp for where I was at that point in my life.

  • Tell us about that one memorable performance and favorite venue which you still wish to happen again?

Hi Falls in Saranac NY. We played a benefit show for a local bar that was coming close to bankruptcy from the lockdowns. Outdoor show, great weather, great set. A good friend of the band came out of retirement to play her set and I got to kill it in front of the girl of my dreams. Good day.

  • Any funny Story of a fuck up during your performance where you handled that situation like nothing happened.

Oh god, too many to count! One time I had a bra thrown at me during a guitar solo, would’ve been really cool if it didn’t land on my head and block my vision. I’ve found the best thing to do in that situation is to keep playing and just head bang until the damn thing falls off

  • If you could collaborate with any musicians dead/alive, who would you collaborate with and why?

Tommy Skeoch. He brought the harder edge to Tesla’s music and is without a doubt my biggest inspiration on guitar.

  • Any Tips to keep the balance between professional and music life?

I’m also a teacher, so I guess it helps to have a job you don’t work at at the same time you’re supposed to be on stage. I would recommend finding something you enjoy that can make you money until the next goes platinum!

  • What has been your biggest challenge as a Musician? Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how?

The biggest challenge I had initially was figuring out how to get my music recorded and out there. It’s all independent now. I met a guy a few years back at one of my shows, Kelly Kintner, and he showed me a lot of the ins and outs of setting up a home studio and doing the work yourself. My biggest issue now is working to improve the sound I get because I sure as hell am not running out of song ideas

  • What Tools and techniques you use to improve your singing/instrumental playing?

Singing I simply taught myself by singing along with the bluetooth in the car. It takes a long time of practicing, but you’d be surprised how effective it is. For my guitar playing, I find it helps to learn cover songs to learn new techniques and then a lot of my lead playing gets improved by using looper pedals.

  • What type of Gadgets and instruments do you use while practicing? 

I have a Boss RC-3 that I use to practice rhythm playing, I’ll loop a rhythm section and add a drum pattern to it to get solos and chord progressions tighter. If I’m working on solos I’ll typically use an MXR EVH5150 overdrive pedal and through some reverb on it with an Oceans 11 pedal. Digitech Whammy pedals are a lot of fun too when you’re trying to find random sounds and harmonies.

  • Would you like to share a testimonial for Guitaa? If Yes, Why do you love Guitaa? 

Guitaa takes a lot of time to work with and promote independent artists, that’s cool as hell man

  • What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Songs come first. You could be the most talented person in the world but if your songs suck it won’t matter. Plus, if you hit the big time do you really want to spend the rest of your days reciting a song you hate?

So, this was “Fixed fate”. Want to know how you can follow Them online? Then, check out the link below:

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