guitaa music review

Tripindickulous - Insecure (Guitaa Music Review)

Tripindickulous – Insecure (Guitaa Music Review) California-based multi-talented artist, Tripindickulous “Tripindickulous” has released a new song, and its name is “Insecure”. Besides music, Tripindickulous is super passionate about the brand itself and creating trippy fashion for everyone to rock. I’ve listened to a lot of incredible music every day at Guitaa,…

Era’Nay - Farewell (Guitaa Music Review)

Era’Nay – Farewell (Guitaa Music Review) Louisville, KY-based Sultry singer-songwriter “Era’Nay” has recently released a new single from her latest EP, ‘Elevate’; the indie RnB ballad, ‘Farewell’, showcases the artist’s honest and emphatic musical style alongside his definitive storytelling abilities. Era’Nay began her career with Carter Music Group and…

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