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Today, on Guitaa Artist Centerstage, we have an American rapper from Sumter, South Carolina “Nomad Mr. Murk City”. He is a rap recording artist from Sumter, SC. The city of Sumter, SC where he grew up in over the years became more violent, earning the name “Merk City/Murk City” being that South Carolina is the 5th most violent state in the U.S. with Sumter being one of the most violent cities in that state. That’s where he got his name and stripes from you feel me.

We have recently got in touch with Nomad Mr. Murk City as he made time from his busy schedule to answer some of the most interesting queries about his music and upcoming projects. So, Let’s get to know about the talented artist, about his challenges as a musician, and many more.

  • Introduce yourself to our audience, what genre of music do you consider your work to be?

Greetings everyone, I go by Nomad Mr. Murk City but you can call me Nomad. Aight, cool cool.. I guess you could classify my genre as Rap/Trap/Trap Soul. Personally I don’t like to put myself in a box I just do what feels right.

  • What and who were your early passions and influences, What inspires you to make music?

I’m inspired by life in general. We live in a complex society during one of the most interesting time periods of human civilization. Just look at everything going on in the world today. How could I not be inspired when there’s so much to speak on. Political and Social injustices, a Pandemic, and just your everyday life struggles is enough to write books on for years to come. I just rap about what I feel is important to me at the time while it’s on my mind.

  • Tell us about that one memorable performance and favorite venue which you still wish to happen again?

I was at this club in Annapolis, MD while performing my song “The Baddest” for the first time and when the women heard it they went crazy! I was like damn, they really fucking with me on this one. That’s how I knew I was on to something big.

  • Any funny Story of a fuck up during your performance where you handled that situation like nothing happened.

No comment. Lol!

  • If you could collaborate with any musicians dead/alive, who would you collaborate with and why?

Bob Marley because he was an extremely gifted musician and had a unique outlook on life. And also just so I could smoke one with him. As far as living musicians I’d have to say Jay Z, Rick Ross and 2Chainz. I think they all make dope music and we come from similar backgrounds. We’d make some crazy tracks no lie.

  • Any Tips to keep the balance between professional and music life?

Be sure and take some time to yourself to just disconnect from everything and everyone every now and then. This industry will drive you crazy if you don’t keep your mental health in check regularly. Alone time can extremely therapeutic you feel me.

  • What has been your biggest challenge as a Musician? Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how?

I had to stop underestimating myself and just blank on every track I slide on. I meditate on the beat and what it’s speaking to me and that’s what I put on these records. The beat talks to me so I can talk to you through the song.

  • What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Don’t rap strictly for the money. If you’re going to rap, do it for the love. The money will come if you stay true to the game. Keep your feet on the ground and your head in the sky. Always Do and Never try.

So, this was ““Nomad Mr. Murk City.”. Want to know how you can follow him online? Then, check out the link below:

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