Chord progressions are the patterns that music composers use to put musical notes and chords together. When writing music, chord progressions are critical that sound harmonious and have the desired tones. One can use four-chord progressions, five-chord progressions, two-chord progressions, or however many they’d like. It is possible for any one chord to progress to any one of the other chords in a key; However, certain chord progressions are used more frequently than others. Although There can be a large number of possible progressions (depending upon the length of the progression), in practice, progressions are often limited to a few bars’ lengths and certain progressions are favoured above others. There is also a certain amount of fashion in which a chord progression is defined (e.g., the 12 bar blues progression) and may even help in defining an entire genre.

So Which Chord Progression one can play on guitar easily? To be very Honest, Almost every chord progression is easy to play. It just depends on the practice you’ve done with your guitar.

But as the articles say, here we are listing some beautiful & easy chord progressions which can be learned and played easily :

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  • Em – G – C – D
  • Am – C – F – G
  • E – A – F#m
  • E – A – D
  • Dm – F – A# – C

Like everything in music and art in general, you are the creator of your work, and you can decide whether you want to follow the rules or try something completely different. Just for fun, try playing, or just listening to some chord progressions to get a feel of how easy it can be to build a great song—or at least a halfway decent pop song.

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