Hailing from Halifax/Dartmouth Nova Scotia, Today, on Guitaa Artist Centerstage, we have a new age artist who likes to keep his music simple & raw so as to connect more with the fans, & his name is “Blow Flyy”. The Toronto-based artist is a hiphop/rap songwriter, and a gem of an entertainer/performer when it comes to live performances.

So, Let’s get to know more about this amazing artist, how his journey into music began, about his influences, and many more.

  • Hello Blow Flyy, what type of audience enjoy your style of music?

I feel like I make music for everyone. My goal is to entertain the world.

  • What and who were your early passions and influences, What inspires you to make music?

My early music influences were nas, mob deep, jay z mistro fresh west dream worries and Andrew more.

My family is my main inspiration behind making music, in general, my mother the most.

  • Tell us about that one memorable performance and favorite venue which you still wish to happen again?

I would say my most memorable performance would be at the revival in Toronto. One my favorite is the revival for the simple fact because my first performance was at the revival.

  • Any funny story of a mess up during your performance where you handled that situation like nothing happened?

Yes, I actually didn’t have my music formatted right on my USB so I almost didn’t perform, but everything worked out, but because I was late for sound check, I had to just perform with no sound check, but it all worked out.

  • If you could collaborate with any musicians(dead/alive), who would you collaborate with and why?

It would be with tory lanez, at this point dead that’s hard one.

  • Any Tips to keep the balance between professional and music life?

Just try and take care of both, and keep a good balance.

  • What has been your biggest challenge as an independent artist?

The biggest challenge is financial things, hands down, you have to balance where your resources will go, and what is most beneficial to your career.

  • What advice would you have for someone wanting to become an Artist?

Don’t give up, keep pushing, invest in yourself, if this is what you want, nothing will come to you, go out and get it, learn to pass up the fun life to take care of your dreams, goals and stay committed…and enjoy the process, it can be fun and sad but that’s part of the process.

So, this was “Blow Flyy”. Want to know how you can follow him on social media? Then, check out the links below:

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