Bobby Páraknight – The Prelude (Guitaa Music Review)

New York City-based multi-instrumentalist artist “Bobby Páraknight” has recently released his latest enigmatic and powerful Single “The Prelude” The sense of musical relevance and appreciation in the track has been well-portrayed by the artist and is an absolute joy to listen to.

Bobby Páraknight composed the song on his Piano during a private jam session. He took inspiration from the late 70’s Motown and disco sound, infusing it with a modern pop beat. The arrangement of the track is outstanding and reflects moments of artistic depth.

The Prelude is certainly an outstanding track and will surely leave the audience spellbound with the artist Bobby Páraknight‘s amazing work.

Do listen to this astonishing track “The Prelude” and also make sure to follow Bobby Páraknigh on social media platforms to know more about his upcoming tracks. Links below:

Music video:

Song :


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