Derry, Ireland-based multi-talented artist “Kid Apollo” has released his latest single containing extraordinary soundscape and beautiful rhythms and its name is “The Lights Turned Red”. The song is written, recorded, and produced by the artist himself and has created one of the finest melodic tracks of 2020.

“The Lights Turned Red” offers ambient resonance that is enhanced by the artist’s smooth and strong vocal performance. The track keeps improving by every second as it showcases the encouragement of strong and surreal electro beats. The EDM-oriented style of the track is sure to make the audience go wow making a statement in the music industry. Kid Apollo’s elevated music producing agility in the track is absolutely phenomenal and offers an out-of-world rhythmic experience. “The Lights Turned Red” is indeed captivating in terms of both instrumental and vocal performances and marks the journey of an amazing talent the world is about to see, in the name of Kid Apollo.

Do listen to this amazing track “The Lights Turned Red” and make sure to give thumbs up to Kid Apollo’s incredible work. Follow him on Instagram to know more about his upcoming releases. Links below:





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