Guitaa Artists Centerstage – Van Hechter

 Multi-talented pop artist “Van Hechter” has released his latest single containing extraordinary soundscape and beautiful rhythms and its name is “I Am” taking from his strongest album to date ”Love Elastic”.

Van Hechter grew up between Canada, France, and the U.S.A who we have featured a few times. Coming to the music of the track, I Am is unquestionably stunning and is a gorgeous piece of music that will be on the audience’s playlist for a long time.

The sound and melodies Van Hechter has developed in the track are distinctly his own, grounded in the pop genre but with clear elements of R&B and soul music, and is indeed a must listen.

Do listen to this amazing track I Am and make sure to give thumbs up to Van Hechter’s incredible work. Follow him on Instagram to know more about his upcoming releases. Links below:

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