Today, on Guitaa Artist Centerstage, we have a stupendous artist “Aayena Singh” whose vocals are mellifluous to listen to. Aayena is going to perform for Guitaa’s upcoming virtual gig program “Guitaa Live” on 5th June and is going to entertain the music lovers by singing some of the amazing Bollywood songs.

Until then, Let’s get to know more about the journey of Aayena as a musician, about her challenges as a musician, and many more.

  • Introduce yourself to our audience, what genre of music do you consider your work to be?

Hi, This is Aayena Singh. I like all types of music but generally i sing Bollywood songs. And i am currently learning Indian Classical Music.

  • Tell us about that one memorable performance and favorite venue which you still wish to happen again?

The most memorable performance was in my school’s annual function wherein we performed with the most experienced army musicians band. It was so magical and unforgettable (Very first experience with any music band).

  • Any funny Story of a fuck up during your performance where you handled that situation like nothing happened.

In my college days there was a small function, wherein my teacher suddenly asked me to go and sing one song and i went and started singing and i didn’t realised i merged some other song unintentionally and people thought it was a mashup. Infact i generally do that i sing two songs together many times 😅.

  • If you could collaborate with any musicians dead/alive, who would you collaborate with and why?

There are many but if i had to choose one it would be Amit trivedi as he is a legend in the music industry and i have always been influenced by his music. He is an inspiration.

  • Any Tips to keep the balance between professional and music life?

Time management is important to balance both professional and music life, so make sure to use your time wisely.

  • What has been your biggest challenge as a Musician? Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how?

Biggest challenge has been time management because i need to keep a balance between professional and music life. So i overcame that by following a disciplined life where i managed to keep my riyaz and practice going.

  • What Tools and techniques you use to improve your singing/instrumental playing?

The main tool is practice.

  • What type of Gadgets and instruments do you use while practicing?

I use digital tanpura and tabla with keyboard.

  • What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

I would only say to focus on improving and learning everyday and try to become a better version of yourself. Don’t worry about the results and just keep going.

So, this was “Aayena Singh”. Follow her on social media platform to stay updated to her upcoming songs. Link mentioned below:




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